About Us!

SerendipAndMe.com was created out of thin air by a guy from Northern Canada, John. I’m a dad and a husband with a full time gig but that gig left something to be desired in life as far as creativity and helping others. Then it all came to me on a bus ride home from work one morning. I had what Dr Abraham Maslow would call a “peak experience” or one of those moments where your thinking is expanded beyond your mind and borders your consciousness and can be likened to an almost spiritual experience. Well, out of that moment, a few things became as clear as my hand in front of my face….i had a few things got do. So i learned how to first make a website. I then learned how to make a blog. Then came things to blog about. Seems I’ve crossed off all those boxes in a couple of short months. That’s how this blog came to be.

So follow along as I branch out and let me know what you think. We might both learn a thing or two along the way.

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